Main Collection Location:  The Paul G. Shane Folkshul Library is now open in its new slimmer quarters at Springside School. It’s located within the green-walled library classroom that has 2 entrances 

(1) once inside the Springside library, go back and to the left; classroom entrance is next to newly installed glass wall and doors; or    

(2) from the hallway leading to the Springside library, go past the library’s main entrance, and turn right to room 129 (on right).

Inside the green-walled classroom is the door to the smaller room that now houses the Folkshul library.

Click Here for Directions to Folkshul Library

Children’s Collection:  A cart with books for children in grades 1 - 3,  is located in the hallway on the cafeteria floor of the Springside building, near the stairs  (see directions link above) .

Organization  on Shelves:  The main collection, which includes books and audio/visual materials generously donated by Folkshulers, is organized alphabetically by topic (e.g., Biography, Fiction, Jewish History American, Jewish History General, Religion/Ethics, Youth Biography, etc.). Within each topic the books are organized alphabetically by author and then by title.  This arrangement on the shelves matches the arrangement of the electronic catalog.  The catalog was developed, organized, and compiled by Joan Morein with the help of Library Committee members and Folkshul Assistants (we are grateful for all their hard work!). 

Catalog: Click here to see the Folkshul Library Catalog. The catalog is now available on line at thanks to the efforts of Dan Ascher and Matt Berg.  

You can search the catalog (1) with your computer’s page up, page down, and arrow keys, or (2) by pressing Control-F; then typing in the name of an author, title, or category; and then pressing Enter (pressing enter repeatedly will find the next occurrences of the search term).

Checkout & Return: To check out anything that you have found in the Folkshul Library room, just fill in the information requested on the next blank line in the blue loose leaf binder (look for the binder on the cart that is near the door to our Library collection, or on a table in the green-walled classroom).  When you return a book, just fill in the return date on that line in the binder, and place the book in the white bin marked “RETURNS.”  Leave returned or browsed books in this bin to assure they get to their proper location.

Questions & Help:  If you need help getting a book from the collection, or would like to request a book from the catalog that you can’t find on the shelves, just send an email to, or speak with a member of the Library Committee. You can also speak with us or send us email if you have any other questions or requests, or if you would like to make a donation to the library.

There are a lot of great books in our collection.  Enjoy!!

            -Ira Roseman (for the Folkshul Library Committee)

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