The Jewish Children’s Folkshul is a parent-run cooperative committed to providing a secular, humanist Jewish educational experience for children in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area.

For over 80 years Folkshul has offered an alternative option to enhance Jewish cultural identity with all-ages education and a secular Jewish community. Our members live in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware & Montgomery counties and New Jersey.

A cultural approach: Folkshul’s mission is to transmit the values of social justice and human responsibility in an environment that nourishes critical thinking and provides a strong sense of Jewish identity.

A vibrant community: Folkshul is a joyful hub of family programs and community activities. A member-run cooperative with a professional staff, Folkshul provides a culturally enriching and meaningful experience.

Our students learn Jewish history, bible stories, and celebration of holidays. They participate in music, dance, and art and develop social action projects. Special attention is given to relating the “Jewish Experience” to modern day events and issues.

Folkshul is also a family experience with holidays and rites of passage celebrated by the entire community. Parents play a critical role in setting policy, developing educational direction, focusing on class social action projects, educating ourselves, and working with staff to develop and strengthen the “Shula.”

We welcome all who identify with celebrating their Jewish identity and want to express and transmit the values, traditions, and knowledge of the Jewish experience.

» Sunday school (pre-K – 9) » Bat and Bar Mitzvah
» Teen youth group » Holiday celebrations
» Music, art and dance » Social action projects
» Adult Education » National & local affiliations

We invite adults and families to explore our friendly, secular, humanistic community — Jewish, interfaith, LGBT, multicultural, atheist, agnostic, religious, non-religious — all are welcome at Folkshul.

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