The Adult Community Committee’s mission is to build an inclusive, adult secular humanist Jewish community in Philadelphia. Would you like to work with like-minded individuals to make this a reality? There are many activities such as a monthly Restaurant Club, social Havurah, and the Inter-generational Women’s Group, just to name a few.
Benefits of Membership in the Folkshul Adult Community


  • Adult Class: Exploring Humanism in the history and literatures of the Jewish People
  • Sundays at Springside (10-11:30am) on regular Folkshul class days. Come to some—come to all!
  • High Holiday Observances: 
  • Folkshul Community Events & B’nai Mitzvah Celebrations
  • Spring Movie Series
  • Intergenerational Women’s Group
  • Current Events Discussions
  • Potlucks, Sing-Alongs, Folk Dancing
  • Social Action/Justice Projects
  • Participation in all Folkshul Events
  • Folkshul Library Privileges

The Adult Community is active in CSJO and the Philadelphia Coalition, sponsors our Adult Education program and volunteers in Folkshul’s library. The Folkshul Adult Education committee is looking for new members. We will discuss and plan next year’s programs and activities.

Adult Community Membership 2017-2018 School Year