The Adult Community Committee’s mission is to build an inclusive, adult secular humanist Jewish community in Philadelphia. Would you like to work with like-minded individuals to make this a reality? There are many activities such as a monthly Restaurant Club, social Havurah, and the Inter-generational Women’s Group, just to name a few.
Benefits of Membership in the Folkshul Adult Community


  • Adult Learning Classes, such as Exploring Humanism in the history and Literatures of the Jewish People
  • Sundays at Springside (10am-12:30pm) on regular Folkshul class days. Come to some—come to all!
  • High Holiday Observances: 
  • Folkshul Community Events & B’nai Mitzvah Celebrations
  • Spring Movie Series
  • Intergenerational Women’s Group
  • Current Events Discussions
  • Potlucks, Sing-Alongs, Folk Dancing
  • Social Action/Justice Projects
  • Participation in all Folkshul Events
  • Folkshul Library Privileges