About the class:

Second grade is a time where the students begin to learn about Judaism on a deeper level. We will be focusing on many different units throughout the year. We will learn about the origins of all of the major holidays including, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat, Purim, and Passover. This will include why they are celebrated, but also how we celebrate them. Some holidays do not have clear origin stories. For these we will look at different possible origins. In second grade, we will also learn about Jewish immigration and the origins of Judaism in America.
         Another area of our 2nd grade curriculum is learning about the Jewish calendar. The students will see how this calendar is different from the Georgian or Western Calendar that we use and how it is still used today. Each month, the students will make their own calendar for the current month in the Jewish calendar. We will also begin discussing Jewish life cycle events and how they are celebrated in Jewish life.

Teacher: Lindsay Conn

I am so excited to be gearing up for another great year at Folkshul. To those of you who are returning families, I am looking forward to seeing you again. To those of you who are new to Folkshul, welcome. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and fun filled summer. But get ready - the Folkshul year is about to begin, and with it a lot of fun, family time, and learning for both students and the community. I have been teaching 2nd grade at Folkshul for several years, and I love every minute of it.

         I love applying different teaching strategies to teach these topics. The students will use class discussion, art projects, readings, and hands-on activities in the classroom with each unit. Along with the curriculum, I look forward to incorporating my interests of music, cooking, and crafts into what I teach. Our class is always a place of kindness and acceptance where the students should feel free to express themselves and learn in a fun and caring environment.

Sample Class Notes:

Hi Everyone,
 This past Sunday was a fun and busy day. The students did a wonderful job performing at the Chanukah program! I also loved their wish for the world, which they thoughtfully developed all on their own. After the program, the students had a delicious snack of latkes, applesauce, and sour cream. It was a big hit! Following snack, we read, “The Chanukah Guest.” We then played a game of dreidel and finished the day with a Chanukah themed crossword puzzle. 
  Just a reminder, we will have a two week winter break, so we will not meet again until January 7th. I hope you all have a great break, and I look forward to seeing all of you in January!



Hi Everyone,

     This week we had a great time celebrating Tu B'Shevat at Folkshul with the K/1 class. To start our day, the students learned all about trees. They learned about the parts of a tree, how trees benefit the environment, and ways that we help and hurt trees. After our activity, the students had a special music class with the K/1 and 3rd grade classes. They sang many of their favorite songs as well as several tree themed songs for Tu B'Shevat. 

    After a delicious snack, the students planted parsley seeds. While we could not plant a tree as many do to celebrate Tu B'Shevat, we instead, planted parsley in hopes that it will be ready in time for Passover. The students did a great job planting! After all of our hard work planting parsley, the students played a game of Tu B'Shevat Jeopardy to review what they learned about trees and the holiday. They were so knowledgable about what they learned that both teams answered all of the questions correctly! Finally, we finished our day by reading the book, "The Apple Pie Tree" by Zoe Hall and Shari Halpern. I thoroughly enjoyed our celebration of Tu B'Shevat and hope that all of the children did as well. 

     This coming Sunday, February 4, 2018, is Souper Sunday at Folkshul. Classes will meet from 10am-11:20am. At 11:20am, the children will be dismissed to you so that you can buy back their bowls and enjoy soup as a family. This year, the money raised from the event will be benefiting, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia's Mitzvah Food Project. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see you all then.