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Folkshul is a direct descendent of the over 50 secular Jewish schools that dotted neighborhoods in Philadelphia since the early part of the 20th-century. We offer a home for those who want to support, develop and deepen their connection to Jewish culture and community without a theistic focus.


To ensure Folkshul’s long-term health and stability, we have revised our membership categories and invite you to join us at the level that best fits your engagement with Folkshul for the 2018-2019 School Year. Individual membership starts at $54/year for adults ($18 for those under 35). 

Please note: There is a surcharge for online payment. Alternately, you can mail a check (with no surcharges). See the Payment Instructions at the bottom of this page for the full details.


COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP - $54/per person/year
This is the membership level for all who embrace Folkshul’s values & mission. Celebrate our culture together all year long, and enjoy access to our life-cycle event services. Even if you don’t (or no longer) live in the Philadelphia area you can be a proud member of over 100 years of secular, humanist community.

If you find yourself attending more of our weekly Adult Programming throughout the year, you can apply your Community Membership to an Active Adult Membership at any time. Just call or email us!

For all recent Folkshul Grads and the under-35 crowd: join Folkshul and join us whenever you can. Feel free to bring your friends, too.

Community Membership

ACTIVE ADULT MEMBERSHIP - $150/per person/year*

Folkshul offers weekly adult programs on Sunday mornings (between 10 am and 12:30 pm) at our home at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Programs span a broad range of interests and include Adult Education classes, lectures, film-screenings, discussion groups, opportunities for social action and engagement, cooking, exercising (Zumba!), and playing Mah Jongg. And we meet up at other times for events and food, such as at our very popular Restaurant Club outings. 

*Most programs are free, but some have an at-cost participation charge. 
*Couples in the same household receive a 10% discount.

Active Adult Membership

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - $835/year (included in school registration)
Families who have enrolled children in our K-9 grade education or 10-12 grade Assistants programs join Folkshul at the Family Membership level. Family Membership includes access to Folkshul’s Active Adult Membership programs and events at no charge (unless otherwise noted with each program). To enroll your children in our school, please contact


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payable to Jewish Children's Folkshul to: 

Jewish Children’s Folkshul
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