We are very pleased that Saul Perlmutter, his wife Laura Nelson and their daughter Noa (6th grade) have been attending Folkshul since February. Saul and Laura are both on sabbatical from Berkeley and have returned to Saul's roots in Philadelphia. Some of those roots include Germantown Friends School and revisiting his Secular Jewish connection at Folkshul.


In 2011, Saul was awarded a Nobel Prize in Astrophysics. Here is a link to a Guardian article describing how Saul’s work with supernovae led to a discovery that “shook cosmology to its foundations.”


Saul has kindly offered to share a brief (layman's version) explanation of his work and his journey to the Nobel Prize. 


We hope you will join us after the pancake breakfast at 11:15 AM in the library classroom, to learn from and honor a scientific hero who has made quite an impact on the understanding of the universe. 


Because at Folkshul, we like our pancakes with a side of Nobel-Prize-Winning Astrophysics!