POW! PERSONS OF THE WEEK(immigration related) - Immigrants who sought advice from Bintel Briefs (Yiddish) bintel means "bundle" and brief means a "letter" or "letters." Bintel Brief was a Yiddish advice column. It printed a reader's question (without showing their name) and posted an answer meant to help others as well. The column was started by Abraham Cahan the editor of Der Forvertz (The Forward) in 1906 to help bewildered Eastern European immigrants to the US learn about their new country. The column also gave a forum for seeking advice and support in the face of problems ranging from wrenching spiritual dilemmas, to petty family squabbles, to the sometimes hilarious predicaments that result when Old World meets New. These letters and responses, compiled into books, have become for today's readers a remarkable record not only of the varied problems of Jewish immigrant life in America but also of some of the catastrophic events of the first half of our century.