Volunteer Opportunities

High Holiday Committee - Chair: Barbara Halpern (halpernlaw@gmail.com)
  • Assist in editing the Rosh Hashanah program (3 meetings in early spring – may work independently or with others) – 1st meeting March 18
  • General volunteers to make program happen (4 meetings during spring and summer - attendance at high holiday celebrations)
Library Committee - Chair – Ira Roseman  (roseman@rutgers.edu )
  • Collections Volunteer– (2-4 hours per month, some could be done at home) Manage donations, cull current resources and enter new books in catalogue
  • Circulation Volunteer– (5-10 hours per month, entirely during Folkshul – may split with student assistant) Retrieve computer, check-in/check-out books, send notices, shelve books
  • Reference and Outreach Volunteer- (4-6 hours per month, some may be done at home) Liaison w/ teachers, Bar/BatMitzvah students, book of the month, help develop library web-page.
Souper Sunday  –Chair - Nancy Fox (foxwass@comcast.net)
  • This is Nancy’s last year. We need someone to takeover (Once a year. Coordinating soup-maker sign-up and day of event volunteers – much help is available)
Marketing Committee  –  Contact – Mindy Blatt (mindy.blatt@gmail.com)
  • Public Relations – (2-4 hours per month. Could be done at home or Sunday mornings)
  • Helping to update our Website  - (2-4 hours per month. Could be done at home or Sunday mornings).
Questions?  Contact Ellyn Barr - Volunteer Coordinator, ellynbarr@yahoo.com – 215-887-4834

Here is what some Folkshulers are saying about their volunteer experience:

Ira Roseman
Since Marian and I joined Folkshul this year, we've had one good experience after another: finding many people with similar values, good hearts, and interesting minds (with views both like and different from our own). People to talk with, share with, learn from, and enjoy. Nice folks! New friends! Volunteering for a committee can bring the satisfaction of working together to meet a need or solve a problem. This can be a rewarding and even energizing experience, especially in our 21st century culture in which autonomy all too often means isolation, and do it (all) yourself.


Dan Ascher
Before I joined the board of the Folkshul I didn’t know much about how the school worked, and who or what was involved in making things run. While I wanted to “do the right thing” and get involved, I was afraid to volunteer my time since I didn’t know how much time I would be expected to put into it.
However, now that I have been involved in the board for about four years, I have found that I get even more out of being involved than I put into it. How is that possible? Well, I have met many new people through the experience and have acquired quite a few skills that are helpful in other aspects of my life.
For example, having to collaborate with other board members to come up with new school policies has helped me understand group dynamics and how to work as a team. Another example is that working with a web designer on the Folkshul website has taught me lessons on design, and the latest technology behind modern websites.
Yes, it is a time commitment. And yes, it is the right thing to do. But it has also contributed a lot to my own personal and professional growth. Thank you Folkshul!
Sue Woolf
My name is Sue Woolf and my daughter has been at Folkshul since 1st grade and this past December she became a Bat Mitzvah. The time spent at Folkshul has not just been about dropping Lauren and picking her up. My husband and I always stay while Lauren is in class and early on we became involved in a variety of events. Over the years, while my child was being educated, I have also received benefits. I have made phenomenal friends and found truly wonderful people who enhance my life. Several years ago I became the chair of the food committee. What an awesome job, I get to live a Jewish mother’s dream, I get to feed people! The work that goes into this job is minimal and the rewards are great. Chairing the food committee, working on Souper Sunday and the various other activities I have worked on has allowed me to get to know people, has taught Lauren about reaching out to others and doing the right thing and I would not trade the experiences I have had.
Corinne Masur
Volunteering for the Social Action Committee has helped me to feel more of a part of the Folkshul community; as a new member it helped me to meet other Folkshul parents and it has fulfilled one of the major goals I had when I became a part of this community - and that is to become more active in working for social justice and educating children about social justice.
Please consider a volunteer opportunity. Volunteering creates a vibrant Folkshul community as well as benefitting the volunteer, as you can see from the above testimonials. I look forward to hearing from and working with you to find the right volunteer opportunity to fit your interests and the amount of time you have.