(Yiddish) (or schmear, schmeer, shmier or shmeer): The definition of a shmear has broadened progressively over the years. The meaning of the word was narrowly confined to cream cheese or to butter. The 1999 Encarta World English Dictionary, defines a schmear as “something such as cream cheese spread on a roll or bagel,” while the Urban Dictionary alliteratively explains it as “a large spreadable schlop of cream cheese usually schlepped all over a bagel.” Today a shmear can be anything that is soft and gooey enough to be transferable from the flat end of a knife to an edible surface. Another common meaning of the word shmear is as “an entire set or group of related things.” This comes from the expression “the whole shmear,” meaning “everything” or “the works.” Join us Sunday morning at Folkshul’s Shmear & Schmooze Café for delicious micro-brewed coffee, good conversation and a shmear.